Operating organization

The care we put into developing projects enables us to provide the utmost guarantee of efficiency and compliance with deadlines.

Cutting-edge innovation

CONEL has been involved in plant engineering since 1980.
The company leads the way in terms of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of residential and industrial electrical systems.
Over the years, Conel guarantees outstanding performance, energy saving and efficient maintenance in compliance with all applicable safety standards.
Industry - Trade - Tertiary - Agriculture - Public Institutions

Cutting-edge design

The company has a technical department able to design:
• Power distribution and lighting systems;
• Wiring diagrams, with relative calculations for sizing equipment;
• Evaluation of cable sections according to type of installation;
• Definition of appliances list with drawing up of cable list:;
• Automation software on PLC;
• Management and control industrial automation;
• Constant control of following activities: wiring, installation and testing in accordance with applicable regulations.

Skilled staff

The CONEL staff members are highly skilled and in possession of all necessary qualifications to provide residential and industrial electrical systems distinguished by extremely high quality standards, in compliance with applicable regulations.
The punctuality of our company organization, expressed in all work processes, permits executing orders according to deadlines.

The best balance between costs and benefits

The skills of CONEL technicians enable them to identify, already in the preliminary evaluation phase, the best solution for creating a system able to cater to all the specific needs of the production cycle.
Once defined, the systems are a perfect balance of the most suitable technologies, control and monitoring systems and the amount of investment.

The rule of attention

CONEL examines requests with the utmost professionalism; qualified planners and trained installers provide the very best solutions for the creation of modern and efficient electrical systems.
Staff members efficiently monitor the service from the project phase through to worksite, maintenance and scheduled and emergency after-sales assistance.
Our services also include skills in the field of automation applied to plant engineering, data transmission and safety/control.

Coordination and privacy

Technicians, planners, worksite managers and skilled operators are always continuously coordinated as are the administrative departments.
CONEL services to customers provide comprehensive privacy protection guarantees covering all information regarding production activities.

We deliver cutting-edge systems

Testing is under the direct control of our project management technicians,
The supervision of all automation phases remains under the full control of the company.